Fort Wayne Levies Fines Against Waste Management Provider

Jun 13, 2018

Credit Red River Waste Solutions

The City of Fort Wayne, represented by Mayor Tom Henry and a bipartisan coalition of City Council members, announced it will fine its garbage and recycling contractor for failure to meet benchmarks within their contract.

Red River Waste Solutions was named Fort Wayne’s new refuse management contractor in May of last year. Since beginning service on January 2, city officials have received an onslaught of complaints from residents for late or outright failed garbage pickups.

In a statement Tuesday, Henry apologized to residents for the growing pains and even expressed an understanding of the situation, saying that it’s “not uncommon … for there to be an adjustment period for any new provider.”

Despite this, $65,000 in fines -- $15,000 for April, $50,000 for May -- have been levied upon Red River thus far, which Henry says is similar to fine structures with previous contractors. He remains confident that the company is doing its best.

“Garbage and recycling contractors across the country are experiencing a shortage of drivers who are eligible and interested in employment,” he said. “Red River is leading proactive efforts to attract and retain the best talent possible to provide services in Fort Wayne.”