Palermo Galindo: Making Connections Through Community Involvement

Apr 27, 2018

Fort Wayne's Community Liaison, Palermo Galindo, has been honing his communicating and connecting skills since he came to the United States, from his home in Mexico City, at the age of fifteen.

His interests in the arts, and cultural events of every variety are a source of pleasure to him, he explains, as well as yet another effective means of communication.

Palermo's passion for photography is well displayed in his "My, Yours, Ours" exhibit.
Credit Courtesy/Palermo Galindo

Besides his local duties and affiliations, Palermo was appointed to the Indiana Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs last December. 

For a look at Galindo's passions and priorities, WBOI's Julia Meek sat down with him to discuss his role as public servant and advocate, and how he goes about finding what he calls "the pulse of the community."

You can connect with Palermo Galindo at his City of Fort Wayne Office.