WBOI's Spring Fund Drive is here, and we have a special incentive!

Apr 21, 2015

  Fund drive is here! We've got some great incentives for you, including the new Alabama Shakes album! The most important reason to make a financial contribution, however, is because you listen.

Tuesday is the release of the new Alabama Shakes album, "Sound and Color." You may have heard NPR's coverage of this unique, grammy-nominated American rock band

NPR and WBOI News take time to seek out and bring you some of the most interesting acts and stories in music and entertainment today.

Whether it's a 7-minute story on All Things Considered as you drive home in the evening, or a 45-minute interview on Fresh Air, NPR and WBOI News have you covered!

And today, for a gift of $120 (OR $10 a month as a Sustaining Member),you can request a CD of the new album from Alabama Shakes, "Sound and Color."

Just make your pledge online and select the album as your membership gift, or request it when you call 1-800-471-9264.

It's easy and convenient (especially on Tuesday!) to renew your membership or make an additional gift during this Spring Fund Drive.

If you've already given your support this year, thank you so much. You make all the programming possible on 89.1 WBOI and 94.1