Midday Matters: Health 360

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Sarah Delia and Dr. Peter Rothman lead the discussion about health in our personal lives, our homes, school, work places, and the community. Call in with your questions at 260-452-1185, or email middaymatters@nipr.fm.


Health 360- Wednesday May 15, 2013

May 15, 2013

On Health 360 today Dr. Mel Karas joins us to discuss Hyper and Hypo-thyroidism, autoimmune thyroiditis, the problem of world wide iodine deficiency, and thyroid cancer. Dr. Karas is an endocrinologist with the Lutheran Medical Group.

Health 360-Wednesday May 8, 2013

May 8, 2013

On Health 360 we’ll be discussing Spring Allergies including the more serious implications and medical conditions they cause. Dr. Douglas Neeld from the Lutheran Medical Group will be in studio to help answer your questions this afternoon.

Health 360- Wednesday May 1, 2013

May 1, 2013

Today on Health 360 we continue our discussion on PTSD from earlier this year. This time we'll be focusing on civilian PTSD resulting from sexual assault. Michelle Ditton, Executive Director and Chief of Nursing Services at the Fort Wayne Sexual Assault Center, Dr. Fluekiger and Dr. Rivera will be joining us today

Health 360- Wednesday April 24, 2013

Apr 24, 2013

April is Stress Awareness Month so what better topic to discuss than acne treatment? Don't stress out, we've got some ideas on how to help deal with acne today on Health 360 with Dr. Edward Sarkisian a dermatologist with Fort Wayne Dermatology.

Health 360- Wednesday April 17, 2013

Apr 17, 2013

Today on Health 360: Dr. Ajay Gupta andDr. Ron Williams of the Fort Wayne Neurological Center's Multiple Sclerosis Institute join us to discuss Multiple Sclerosis--signs, symptoms, and treatment.