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Courtesy/Gunslinger Motion Pictures

Local filmmaker, Ryne Hastings and his producer, Dan Epple, are leading a team that is hot on the trail of legendary local figures, with a new documentary in the works that residents are invited to take an active part in this Friday evening.

Courtesy/Botanical Conservatory

With the Botanical Conservatory's Botanical Roots Concert Series in full swing, there's a hardy helping of Americana music being served up, under the stars, every Friday night this month.

Post: Historical Thriller Brings 1790 Battle Of Kekionga To Life [nid:92506]

Indiana native, B.J. Hollars, now a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, has a deep interest in the Americna civil rights movement and flair for creative nonfiction that have converged in a new book called "The Road South: Personal Stories of the Freedom Riders."

Courtesy/Jim Pickett

Fort Wayne resident, Jim Pickett, is a retired school teacher with a passion for local history he has channeled into a short, extensively researched, historical thriller about the 1790 Battle of Kekionga.

Courtesy/Let's Fest

If you're looking for a good laugh, beginning tomorrow, Fort Wayne's Let's Comedy is hosting a four day festival called Let's Fest.