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Downtown Highland Park, Ill., remained roped off Tuesday afternoon after the deadly shooting at a July 4th parade.
Max Herman
AFP via Getty Images
In 2019, Robert Crimo's family reported to police that he "said he was going to kill everyone" and had a collection of knives. Illinois State Police approved him for gun ownership four months later.
Arts & Culture
Old Bay with shrimp illustration.
Josie Norton
Bland food runs wild like a plague amongst this earth! Carrying a shaker of Old Bay, I am Achilles armed with his mighty shield, running into an epic battle against unseasoned food.
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The trails to be connected include the Hanna Street Trail, the Covington Road Trail, the “Golden Spike” section of the Pufferbelly Trail, and the Northeast Trail. Each one of these trails is in a different city quadrant.
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Brendan Allen
Trine University
Brendan Allen, an assistant professor in the Department of Humanities and Communication at Trine University, speaks about poetry, video games, and the branching pathways of how we navigate media in our lives.