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89.1 WBOI is operating at reduced power while our engineers install a new transmitter. This affects the HD broadcasts as well, on both channel 1 and 2. Streaming services are not affected.
Lead Stories
The U.S. Supreme Court handed a victory to business interests in a labor dispute. The court ruled against unionized drivers who walked off the job, leaving their trucks loaded with wet concrete.
Arts & Culture
 Richards on the detective's trail, gathering clues from the abandoned upper floors of the Ross Hotel.
Bruce Kingsbury
Former Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards shares her love of local history, this time focusing on old hotels in Fort Wayne. She will be speaking at the Cinema Center Saturday.
State & Local News
WBOI Presents
Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry's State of the City address was Wednesday, Feb. 15. He sat down with WBOI reporter Tony Sandleben for an interview prior to the speech.