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WBOI broadcasting at reduced power, streaming services unaffected
Lead Stories
To cut costs, the penguins at an aquarium in Japan are getting cheaper mackerel snacks. Many of the penguins are turning their beaks up.
Arts & Culture
Old Bay with shrimp illustration.
Josie Norton
Bland food runs wild like a plague amongst this earth! Carrying a shaker of Old Bay, I am Achilles armed with his mighty shield, running into an epic battle against unseasoned food.
State & Local News
Franke Park rain
Rebecca Green
The area's weather has been driven by heat, humidity and a descending cold front that is causing a cycle of downpours.
WBOI Presents
Brendan Allen
Trine University
Brendan Allen, an assistant professor in the Department of Humanities and Communication at Trine University, speaks about poetry, video games, and the branching pathways of how we navigate media in our lives.