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Costly hail storms and other disasters have contributed to a sharp rise in home and auto insurance premiums. A growing number of frustrated insurance customers are now shopping around in search of more affordable policies.
Patrick T. Fallon
Home and auto insurance premiums have been rising at double-digit rates. That's prompting even the most loyal insurance customers to shop around for better deals.
Arts & Culture
One of the charming historic tour homes located on Wildwood Avenue
Courtesy/ARCH, Inc.
The annual event takes place next Saturday, June 22 and will feature 10 historic homes plus an additional garden.
State & Local News
The sign at the entrance of Fox Island Park days before the 605-acre park opened to the public for the first time since a derecho tore through it in 2022
Tony Sandleben
89.1 WBOI
Two years after a derecho devastated Fox Island Park, the park is finally set to reopen to the public.
WBOI Presents
Ahmad Jumaa, Fathi Jumaa's son, holds parrots from their zoo in Rafah.
Anas Baba for NPR
The Rafah zoo owner drove caged animals with him as he fled the city. He left three lions behind.