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Rebecca Green / Northeast Indiana Public Radio/WBOI

Histories At Odds During First "Anthony Wayne Day" Celebration

On Tuesday celebrations took place around the city of Fort Wayne for the first Anthony Wayne Day. But the creation of the event has led to concerns over its cultural sensitivity, as well as the historical accuracy of the information on which it was founded.

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Arts and Culture

Nick Follger

Iconic Animator Keeps Classic Characters In Spotlight

Australian-born animator Ron Campbell has been involved with dozens of legendary cartoons during his fifty year career, from Krazy Cat and The Beatles to Rugrats, Scooby Doo and Ed, Edd & Eddy.

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State News

Andrew Hancock / Purdue University

College Completion Rates Continue To Climb According To Commission For Higher Education

Graduation rates at public colleges in Indiana continue to climb, according to a new report from the Commission for Higher Education.

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WBOI Presents

WBOI Presents: June News Roundup 2019

Thank you for joining us for June's News Roundup. We took a look at the local impact of federal cases, state education changes and took a ride on the last trip for the Hoosier State Line.

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 A large study of genetics and autism coming to the University of Notre Dame this Saturday is looking for participants.


The SPARK study is a Rush University program looking for the DNA--via a spit sample--of 50-thousand participants. They want people with a diagnosis for Autism Spectrum Disorders, or ASD and their biological parents. 


The goal is to look at a large sample size to better understand the genetics behind ASD. Then use those data for earlier diagnosis and better treatments.


Rebecca Green / Northeast Indiana Public Radio/WBOI

It’s hot right now in Indiana and it’s only going to get hotter. The Union of Concerned Scientists released a new report on Tuesday that projects how much extreme heat we can expect as the Earth warms. 

Emily Cox / WFYI News

Democrat Dee Thornton is running for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District. She kicked off her campaign Monday.

Thornton ran against Republican Susan Brooks in the 5th District in 2018, and got nearly 44% of the vote as a first time candidate. It was the best showing for a Democrat since the district was drawn in 2002.


Thornton says her top priorities haven’t changed much since last year.


Indiana Makes Changes To Help Hoosiers Quit Smoking

15 hours ago
Jill Sheridan / IPB News

Indiana moves to help Hoosiers quit smoking with a new order signed in Indianapolis. The changes also include efforts to help pregnant mothers kick the habit.


The order will allow any Hoosier to obtain medication to help quit smoking without a prescription. Indiana State Health Commissioner Kristina Box says Indiana becomes the 12th state to adopt such a policy.


"We want to remove as many barriers as possible so when the right time comes there are no barriers to their getting help," says Box. 

(File photos: Tony Sandleben) / WBST

Debra Nicole Grigsby, known locally as Nikki, is the District Administrator for the Muncie Sanitary District.  She’s a longtime employee and has run the city department since 2013. Tony Franklin owns Franklin Building and Design LLC.

Rebecca Green / Northeast Indiana Public Radio/WBOI

On Tuesday celebrations took place around the city of Fort Wayne for the first Anthony Wayne Day. But the creation of the event has led to concerns over its cultural sensitivity, as well as the historical accuracy of the information on which it was founded.

Police Officer In South Bend Shooting Case Resigns

18 hours ago
Courtesy of the South Bend Police Department

Monday afternoon, the South Bend Fraternal Order of Police announced the resignation of the white South Bend police officer who shot and killed a black man a month ago. 


In a statement, FOP local president Harvey Mills wrote that the stress of a pending lawsuit, national media attention, and social media have been difficult for Sgt. Ryan O’Neill and his family.


“These fights are just too much for Sgt. O’Neill and his family to undertake right now,” Mills concluded.


Rebecca Green / Northeast Indiana Public Radio/WBOI

Allen County residents are again receiving scam phone calls alleging a missed jury duty assignment.

Allen County Superior Court officials warn the calls have been reported a number of times so far this month, and state the recipient has missed jury duty and owes a fine.


Indiana Joins Nationwide Candlelight Vigil Against Migrant Detention Camps

Jul 15, 2019
Lauren Chapman / IPB News

Across Indiana, demonstrators joined a nationwide candlelight vigil called Lights for Liberty. There were 10 cities in Indiana officially part of the simultaneous demonstration, though others hosted similar vigils at the same time.




Samantha Horton / IPB News

Gov. Eric Holcomb asked the United States Department of Agriculture Friday to designate 88 counties as disaster zones. To be able to request a county be designated an agricultural disaster area, at least 30 percent of a single crop must be damaged or lost.


Many farmers across the state were only able to plant a portion of their crops after a wet planting season caused fields to flood.


Indiana Farm Bureau President Randy Kron says he applauds the governor’s effort to help Hoosier farmers.



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