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Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., waits for the start of a session in the House chamber as the House meets for the fourth day to elect a speaker and convene the 118th Congress in Washington, D.C., Friday, Jan. 6.
Alex Brandon
Congressman George Santos' constituents are furious and don't think he's doing the work to represent them. A recent poll finds most GOP voters want the scandal plagued Republican to resign.
Arts & Culture
Arts United Update Header.jpg
Courtesy/Arts United
As Fort Wayne’s arts and cultural skyline continued to grow and flourish in 2022, Arts United has been busily preparing for an equally active new year.
State & Local News
Indiana Department of Education
More than 3,000 parents participated in the survey conducted by the Indiana Department of Education and Gallup last year. The major findings also include parent opinions on safety, college access and affordability, as well as the subject matter taught in schools.
WBOI Presents
The program has been led by New Tech instructor Robert Haddad over the years. It’s a civics project that aims to show students the importance not just of voting, but also awareness and participation in the electoral process, and how to read through political rhetoric to make informed decisions.