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Gustav De Waele and Eden Dambrine star in <em>Close, </em>which Belgium has submitted for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film.
Diaphana Films
The social forces are pervasive but subtle in Lukas Dhont's Close — no overt bullying or homophobia, just internalized pressures on still-developing psyches.
Arts & Culture
Wiechmann, Stephanie L.
Photo courtesy of Stranger at the Gate
A documentary featuring a Muncie couple and a plot to bomb a Muncie mosque has been nominated for an Oscar.
State & Local News
Garry Hamilton tried twice to get hired as a security supervisor at FWCS and was twice passed over in favor of white men.
WBOI Presents
The program has been led by New Tech instructor Robert Haddad over the years. It’s a civics project that aims to show students the importance not just of voting, but also awareness and participation in the electoral process, and how to read through political rhetoric to make informed decisions.