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Stage agency awards more than $6.8M to sexual assault survivor programs

A white piece of paper that says "A Better Way" is held up against a sky backdrop
A Better Way Services, Inc.
The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute awarded more than $6.8 million in grants to more than two dozen organizations, including A Better Way in Delaware County.

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute awarded more than $6.8 million to more than two dozen organizations throughout the state through two separate grant programs.

The money will go toward support for rape crisis centers and nonprofits that provide assistance, intervention and services for sexual assault victims.

The first program is the Sexual Assault Services program (SASP). This grant program supports direct intervention and related assistance for victims of sexual assault and their families.

This round of grant funding provided almost $900,000 to 11 statewide rape crisis centers and nonprofits. This money will be used for advocacy and sexual assault programing throughout the state.

Another program, the Sexual Assault Victim Assistance fund, aims to maintain and establish rape crisis centers and tending to the emotional and physical needs of sexual assault victims.

In this funding round, 17 statewide SAVAF grantees received a total of more than $5.9 million. For 2024, this grant funding will be used toward shelters, prevention services, counseling and crisis lines.

The money will be made available to the organizations in January.

A list of all grant recipients is included below:

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