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Solar in Indiana rebounds in 2023 after project delays the previous year

A utility-scale solar farm in Indiana.
Lauren Chapman
IPB News
Utilities in Indiana added the most solar megawatts by far last year.

Indiana saw the most megawatts of solar installed in the state to date last year. That’s according to data from the Solar Energy Industries Association.

Nationwide, solar accounted for more than half of all the new energy that came online in 2023. Though a good portion of that could have been held over from the year before, according to SEIA's year in review report.

The group said supply chain issues and uncertainty about whether solar projects would be able to connect to the grid caused major delays in 2022.

A bar graph shows solar installation capacity by megawatts from 2014 to 2023. Until 2021, annual installations did not exeed 200 megawatts. In 2021, it exceed 400. It dropped to just more than 300 in 2022. And in 2023, the state surpassed 600 megawatt capacity in solar installations.
Courtesy of the Solar Energy Industries Association
Indiana’s solar installations rebounded in 2023 after project delays caused by supply chain issues and problems connecting to the grid in 2022.

Most of the solar installed in Indiana last year came from utilities. Residential and commercial solar installs were still relatively low in comparison, likely due to Indiana’s phase out of higher net metering rates.

Net metering gives people with solar panels credits on their electric bills for any excess energy that they deliver to the grid. 2022 was the last year utility customers could take advantage of higher rates for that extra energy.

Rebecca is our energy and environment reporter. Contact her at rthiele@iu.edu or follow her on Twitter at @beckythiele.

Rebecca Thiele covers statewide environment and energy issues.