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Allen County Together: Aggressive 10-year plan has community ready to ACT

Urbahns is excited to deep dive into what he calls, "A 10-year plan with 5-year tactics."

Greater Fort Wayne Inc. has unveiled an aggressive 10-year economic development action plan for the entire community.

Kristen Guthrie
Courtesy, Visit Fort Wayne
Guthrie points out that amplifying Fort Wayne's message as a music destination is Visit Fort Wayne's top priority.

Called “Allen County Together,” the plan challenges us to build a community that’s more high-growth, innovative and inclusive.

Each of these characteristics is underpinned by three “bold projects” with high yield goals and initiatives.

As the Number One fastest growing metro area in the Great Lakes region, Fort Wayne is ranked in the top 25% of metros nationally.

WBOI’s Julia Meek discusses how the plan will impact the area’s long-term growth and what directions this will take with John Urbahns, Greater Fort Wayne’s CEO & Visit Fort Wayne’s Marketing Director, Kristen Guthrie.

For more information and to get involved, visit the Greater Fort Wayne Inc. website.