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Legislature Trying to Fast-Track ISTEP+ Changes

The General Assembly is trying to speed up the process for approving changes to this spring’s ISTEP+ test.

Late last week, the State Board of Education and Department of Education approved a handful of recommendations to shrink this year’s version of the test, which students can start taking in less than two weeks. 

By law, those changes must get the okay from the General Assembly. In order to fast-track that process, two things happened in the House of Representatives Tuesday:

1) The House unanimously passed a resolution pledging to shorten the test. This serves as a promise that lawmakers will approve the recommended changes, which allows the Department of Education to move forward in releasing appropriate guidance to schools. This alleviates the stress of waiting for the legislature to go through the prescribed legal process to approve those changes.

2) As the first step in that legal process, the House Committee on Education tacked ISTEP changes onto Senate Bill 62 – another education bill – approving that with flying colors.

Governor Mike Pence says he is pleased with the progress.

“Hoosier families deserve to know we’re all working together to shorten this test, and we’re going to get it done, just like we said, and I’m grateful for the efforts of all concerned,” Pence said.

The House is expected to pass Senate Bill 62 during its session on Monday. All they would need is agreement from the Senate and a signature from the governor for the changes to take effect.

That could happen as early as Monday afternoon.