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WBOI Presents: Lessons From The Jim Crow Museum

A visitor looks at exhibits from the Jim Crow Museum

This week, WBOI Presents brings you a program from the Values, Ideas, and the Arts series at Manchester University. We'll hear from Dr. David Pilgrim, the founder and director of the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia, a 12,000-piece collection of racist artifacts located at Ferris State University. 

Dr. Pilgrim is also one of the nation's leading experts on issues of diversity, race relations, and multiculturalism. His talk featured many visuals from the museum to accompany his presentation and our show will include descriptions of these visual aids whenever possible. Thank you for listening.

An online walkthrough of the museum can be found here.

Special thanks to Matthew Unger and his team at Manchester University for providing the audio for this program. Our theme music is by Mark Waldick. Additional music is by Mark Waldick and Noah Campodonico. Our WBOI intern is Brandon Williams.

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