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As a member of 89.1 WBOI, we want you to feel appreciated. We also want you to be able to wear your membership with pride. 

Our Spring Membership Drive has been suspended to prioritize updates and breaking news surrounding COVID-19 and America's response to it. Even though you won't hear us fundraising on-air, we are still offering our special limited-time gift options from the Spring Membership Drive. Once the drive is relaunched and finished, many of these gifts go away - so, don’t miss out!  Below are WBOI's current membership gift options:

Seeds for Little River Wetlands Project’s Seed to Marsh program ($5 per month / $60 per year minimum) - You can give the gift that keeps on growing. Instead a mug or a tote bag, you can choose to provide a local school or non-profit with native plant seeds to be used for community education on habitat restoration. After students or community members learn how to grow native plants, they'll plant your donation at Eagle Marsh to benefit local wildlife.

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2020 WBOI coffee mug by MudLOVE ($10 per month / $120 per year minimum) - sunshine yellow ceramic mug with the WBOI logo; handmade locally by MudLOVE. For each mug made, MudLOVE provides one week of clean water for someone in the Central African Republic. *Since these mugs are handcrafted by local artists, wait times may be longer than usual. Please allow up to 12 weeks for your mug to arrive by mail.

Digital New York Times subscription ($15 per month / $180 per year minimum) - a full year of digital

service to the New York Times, accessible through your phone, computer or tablet. 

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Sari Bari Meye Mini Messenger bag ($20 per month / $240 per year minimum) - messenger bag that’s handmade individually using upcycled cotton saris. No bag is the same. You can see an example of the messenger bag in the photo and other available patterns by clicking here. Sari Bari offers employment to women who have been exploited by or who are vulnerable to human trafficking in India. In addition to employment, Sari Bari provides health screenings, HIV and AIDS support and a school benefit program to the children of Sari Bari employees. *if you select this gift option, you will receive a voucher to either redeem online or in-store at Sari Bari’s Fort Wayne location. If you choose online redemption, shipping is not included.   

89.1 WBOI or Classical 94.1 WBNI Day Sponsorship ($25 per month / $300 per year minimum) - sponsor a day of programming in dedication to a special birthday, anniversary, or memorial. You craft a personal message, and we’ll read it on your choice of 89.1 WBOI or Classical 94.1 WBNI 

If you're a monthly WBOI Sustaining Member, you're welcome to request one membership gift per year. To request an annual member gift as a Sustaining Member, click here.

If you're not a member and you'd like to become one, click here. Don't forget to request your gift!

If you have questions about any of our membership gifts, please email Molly Conner at

Thank you for your support.