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Ash Skyline Construction Will Continue Through Winter

City of Fort Wayne

Construction on the new Ash Skyline project in downtown Fort Wayne is on  schedule and will continue throughout the winter. 
Right now it’s a giant hole in the ground – and they’re not done digging yet. 

The future site of a mixed-use development downtown takes up nearly an entire  city block, with work on the city-funded underground parking garage is still  underway.  

Spokesman for the Mayor John Perlich says the City doesn’t anticipate weather  will have a major impact on the work, even if it’s as harsh as last winter. The project’s original residential partner Hanning and Bean pulled out in  September, citing the cost of construction delays.  

John Perlich says having to find  a new residential developer won’t push the project back further.  

“Certainly throughout the entire process, regardless of who the residential  developer will ultimately be, the construction of the housing component was  always going to be that third element for that three-phased approach," says Perlich. "It was always going to be the garage first.”  

Perlich says the City and its partner Ash Brokerage continue to review interest  from residential developers, and hope to announce new partner in January.  

Work is  scheduled to begin on the Ash Headquarters component in April, with the garage  completed by December 2015.

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