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Ridesharing Service Uber Arrives in Fort Wayne

Uber has become a transportation staple in major cities across the United States, and now the ridesharing service has gone live in Fort Wayne.

Using Uber is a lot like calling a cab, but the entire transaction – from scheduling, to tracking the vehicle, to payment processing – is done through an app on your smartphone.

App-based transportation companies have courted controversy in recent years because of regulatory concerns and opposition from taxi cab companies that say such services are unsafe and infringe on their business.

But Uber counters that its drivers – who are independent contractors – are run through numerous background checks. The company also says it monitors feedback about each trip to weed out any problem drivers.

The local launch of Uber comes after Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed ridesharing regulations introduced this session into law.

The service is opening concurrently in both Fort Wayne and Northwest Indiana.