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Pence Visits Three Rivers Festival In Fort Wayne

Pence talked with many attendees of the festival in Junk Food Alley.

Gov. Mike Pence was in Fort Wayne Wednesday after meeting with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump this morning.

Pence is being considered as a possible vice presidential candidate, but he says the likely GOP nominee made no offers today. Instead, Pence says they talked about the challenges facing the country.

“I’m honored by the attention, honored by the opportunity to get to know this good man and his family, but frankly I really do think it’s more a testament to the progress the people of Indiana have made over much of the last 10 years,” Pence said.

The Indiana governor met Hoosiers attending the Three Rivers Festival in Fort Wayne before leaving for the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Muncie. Trump is expected to announce his decision for GOP vice presidential candidate by Friday, which is also the deadline for Pence to withdraw from the gubernatorial race.

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