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Pence Running For VP, Withdraws From State Ballot

Barbara Brosher
Pence pledged support to Trump in front of a crowd of more than a thousand at a mid-July rally in Indiana.

Donald Trump announced Mike Pence for his pick as Vice President in a tweet this morning, and Pence took his name off the ballot for governor ahead of the noon deadline.

The official announcement of Pence as running mate was scheduled for 11 a.m. Friday, but Trump postponed in the wake of a terror attack in France.

Pence's withdrawal from the gubernatorial race creates a domino effect as other Republicans vie to replace him. Some of those GOP hopefuls also had to withdraw from their positions on the ballot by the noon deadline. Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb, 5th District U-S Representative Susan Brooks and and 4th District U-S Representative Todd Rokita all withdrew their names, indicating they plan to run for governor.

The Indiana Republican Party's state committee has 30 days to fill the ballot vacancies.

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