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Ohio Family Wins Sweet Prize From Fort Wayne Airport

Lisa Ryan, WBOI News
Adrianne Conner and her 4-year-old daughter Lyla Peden won the two millionth cookie.

The Fort Wayne airport started handing out cookies to arriving passengers in 2000 as part of their hospitality program.

Sixteen years adds up to a lot of cookies, and on Thursday, a hospitality host gave out the airport’s 2 millionth cookie.

Adrianne Conner and her 4-year-old daughter Lyla were surprised by the attention they received when they were handed the 2 millionth cookie.

They were coming back from Florida, where they had traveled for a family wedding. The mother and daughter were headed home to Hicksville, Ohio, where Conner’s husband and 8-month-old daughter were waiting.

Credit Lisa Ryan, WBOI News
After Adrianne Conner found out the prize also included airline tickets, she started crying.

She had no idea that the prize also included four $200 airline vouchers, and started crying when she found out.

“It was amazing. It allows me and my husband to be able to take our kids on vacation as a family,” Conner said. “It means a lot to our family.”

Conner says she’s not sure where she’ll go yet, but she would like to go somewhere near the ocean.

She also won a year’s supply of cookies from Ellison bakery, a Fort Wayne-based company that supplies the cookies to the airport.

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