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Banks Meets Constituents, Talks Tax Reform In Fort Wayne


One week from returning to Washington D.C., Indiana’s third district representative Jim Banks met with constituents in Fort Wayne for a “coffee with your congressman”event Thursday evening.

With health care on the shelf for now, Congress is expected to tackle tax code reform after returning from August recess. On Wednesday, President Donald Trump told an audience in Springfield, Missouri his hopes of passing the reform, telling Congress not to “disappoint” him.

Banks says the President’s early comments on tax reform are a promising start.

“It is pleasing to see the President use the bully pulpit in a way that he didn’t during the health care debate by going to Missouri and selling tax reform to the American people, which is what our leaders should do,” Banks said.

Banks says he expects the House will successfully pass tax code reform by the end of the calendar year. The US House returns to session on September 5.

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