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Democrat Anti-Trump Tax Initiative Hosts Discussion In Indy

Lauren Chapman/IPB news


A Democrat initiative visited Indianapolis Friday to discuss the President Donald Trump’s tax changes. Friday’s focus was on the impact the bill will have on middle class and low-income Americans.


The Not One Penny: TrumpTax Town Hall featured an hour-long conversation with panelists concerned with the recent tax bill.


Rep. KarleeMacer (D-Indianapolis) represents the west side of Indianapolis, where the Carrier factory Trump visited on the campaign trail is located. She says she has personally seen the fallout with her constituents.


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She says the new tax plan is pushing businesses to outsource to other countries.


“Outsourcing was something that was supposed to be, you know, improved after this last election,” Macer says. “And unfortunately, what I see, and I think that what I can say my community sees, and the State of Indiana sees that this has done us no good.”


She says the bill benefits big business, not individuals.


“We know what is in this budget and we know that we are not investing in human beings and certainly we could do better,” Macer says.


Indiana AFL-CIO president and CEO Brett Voorhies represents nearly 300,000 union workers across the state and the changes will impact all American workers.


“President Trump what he has done; basically what he’s done he’s hustled through a tax plan along with the GOP making the American life even more terrible than the way we already have it now,” Voorhies says.


He says there could be some positives in the bill, but questions if they’ll last in the long run.


“They’re seeing a little bit of an increase in their paychecks right now, which could be, it’s a temporary good thing,” Voorhies says. “But the problem is, is that it’s a temporary Band-Aid good thing.”


Other panel speakers included Sen. David Niezgodski (D-South Bend) and Indiana Institute for Working Families director Jessica Fraser.