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Purdue University Fort Wayne Hosts Annual Job Fair

Araceli Gomez-Aldana

Purdue University Fort Wayne hosted their annual job fair Wednesday, a partnership between the university, WorkOne and Rep. Jim Banks (R-Columbia City). 

The job fair hosted 73 companies and employment agencies, with a total of 3,700 open positions.

Purdue-Fort Wayne officials said they want to attract potential job seekers around the area, as well as students getting ready to start the school year.

Parkview Health was among the various companies looking for employees. They currently have over 900 job openings and Cassandra Moden, a talent acquisition consultant for Parkview, says they are looking for potential candidates.

“With the openings that we have compared to the applicants we have, we received last year alone 66,000 applicants. So just being able to match the skill set and the qualifications and they are finding that culture fit and that perfect match,” said Moden.

Fort Wayne Metals was also looking for employees. They have about 30 openings and human resources generalist Amy Hetrick says they encounter a lot of challenges when finding employees.

“We feel it everyday as HR people. It’s putting us in a bind because there just aren’t enough candidates for the jobs that we have. So we’re constantly trying to get creative with some of our recruiting strategies and looking at new talent that we aren't used to looking at,” said Hetrick.

The university said they like hosting the job fair because it helps them understand what employers are looking for so they can help their students prepare for the workforce.