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Indiana surpasses 18,000 confirmed dead, 1.2 million confirmed COVID-19 cases

Lauren Chapman
IPB News
IDOH has added 408 new deaths to its total in the last week.

Indiana has added 1,000 new confirmed COVID-19 deaths to its total in a little more than three weeks, pushing the state past another grim milestone: 18,000 dead. The state also reported its most recent 100,000 new cases.

The rate of new deaths has picked up slightly following an increase in new cases.

IDOH reported 86 deaths Wednesday, bringing the state’s confirmed total to 18,057. For context: that’s larger than the population of 17 counties in the state.

State health officials say there are an additional 639 suspected COVID-19 deaths – where a test wasn’t administered but health care professionals believe the person had the virus.

The state peaked at an average of 98 deaths per day at the end of last year. This summer, that average plummeted to less than 10 per day from April until July. September's average climbed to 39 deaths per day, but slowed slightly in October and November.

December’s average, so far, has climbed to nearly 42 deaths per day.

These deaths still trend younger than earlier in the pandemic. Before August fewer than 3 percent of deaths were Hoosiers younger than 50. But since then, that has grown to 9 percent.

IDOH added 408 new deaths to its total in the last week.

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Lauren Chapman