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WBOI goes back to school!

We asked local students about their favorite teachers, and others who have had a positive influence on their lives.

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Caitlin Diehl

Caitlin Diehl's math teacher always made her smile and how importance it was to just make a good effort.

Christopher Santos

Christopher Santos learned the most from his kindergarten teacher, to this day.

Angelique Taylor

Angelique Taylor loves Miss Courtney, who is always positive and listens very well.

Camiah Anderson

Camiah Anderson's 8th grade algebra teacher was very knowledgeable and it showed, helping her excel in the class.

Gavin Bowe

Gavin Bowe appreciated the open and thoughtfulness of Dr. Joyce Lazier.

Amari Tennant

Amari Tennant found great role models in Mr. Wallace and Ms. Chanell at Lane Middle School.

Brielle Davis

Brielle Davis is very impacted by the staff at the Boys and Girls Club, where they have helped her learn how to reach her goals.

Elijah Holman

Elijah Holman praises his coaches at the Boys and Girls Club, where they have helped him learn how to play football.

Jesilyn Ngugi

Jesilyn Ngugi praises all her teachers at Towles Intermediate School for helping to get her through.

Lifetouch National School Studios Inc.
Olivia Hamilton

Olivia Hamilton praises Mrs. Mower for helping her grow into leadership roles.

Destiny Erxlben

Destiny Erxlben also praises Ms. Channel and Mr. Wallace for keeping her from giving up.

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