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Why we give. WBOI takes a look at giving and thanksgiving this month

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Jonathan Wattley

Jonathan Wattley encourages everyone to give to someone, to help them be the best person they can be.

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Sandy Payton

Sandy Payton makes a point to give back to her community, to help in the way she would like to be helped. And it is a practice for her throughout the year.

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Jane Surbeck

Jane Surbeck says that helping people has always been at her core. Raised by Adrian Dominican nuns in a high school boarding school, she was taught to care for those less fortunate and will always follow those rules.

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Christopher Stockcamp

He works with two programs, The Journey and Out of A Jam, to help young adults, to help build the community by investing in the next generation.

Laura Rudolph

She and her husband, Rhys, give thanks every day for the programming WBOI offers, and they choose to support it all year long.

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Condra Ridley

Chief Condra Ridley gives to express her gratitude and love for her beloved community here in Fort Wayne.

Phil Locke

Phil Locke gives because he remembers how generous others were with him when he was struggling. He believes that he might not be here today were it not for the help of family and friends, and urges to do the same for others.