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Fort Wayne to address Broadway and Taylor Street Corridors with 'multi-million dollar improvement project'

The intersection at Broadway and Taylor Street could soon be getting a new look
Tony Sandleben
The intersection at Broadway and Taylor Street could soon be getting a new look

Fort Wayne’s Public Works department said it’s working to improve the Broadway and Taylor Street Corridors.

Specifically, City Engineer Patrick Zaharako
said at a public meeting Wednesday that the department wants to improve safety in the corridors by cutting down on car accidents that happen there, improve quality of life for people living there by possibly adding more street lights and expanding sidewalks and improve traffic flow.

At Wednesday’s meeting, the Public Works Department revealed it is considering putting a roundabout at the Broadway and Taylor Street Intersection. Zaharako said the corridors have had more than 300 car accidents in the last five years and that intersection is where “most of the concern” comes from. He said a study showed a roundabout would be the best option for both pedestrians and drivers.

“They are just a much improved way of handling traffic and reducing conflicts between both vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to pedestrians,” Saharaco said.

Zaharako said roundabouts have shown to reduce injuries and accidents by over 80 percent. He also noted that nothing is set in stone for the plans for the corridors because the Public Works Department still wants input from the public.

Zaharako said the improvement work will be a multi-million dollar project. He said the city will apply for federal money this summer and will then be able to budget and design the plan. He roughly estimated it will take about six years to complete. That would likely be delayed if the city does not get the grant.

Residents can give input online at the Public Works website under the capital improvement projects section.

Tony Sandleben joined the WBOI News team in September of 2022.