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South Gate Plaza Citilink bus shelter to stay put as discussions continue

Southgate Plaza bus stop
Photo provided
Southgate Plaza bus stop

The South Gate Plaza property manager Kellams Enterprises said it is coming back to discussions with Citilink after demanding the public transit group move its bus shelter there somewhere else.

Kellams Enterprises told Citilink too many people were loitering at the South Gate Plaza bus shelter and that it was causing problems for businesses there, claims Citilink said it has not been able to substantiate.

The shelter is Citilink’s second-busiest stop, seeing more than 235 people getting on and off there daily. Kellams told Citilink to move the bus shelter down the way and across Calhoun Street.

Citilink said that was “not an equitable solution.” Officials said it would force riders to risk their safety by crossing Calhoun Street. They also said the location is down a hill and, therefore, not ADA compliant.

Citilink said it is certain non-riders are part of Kellams’ issue because the claims have come from days when the bus does not run.

After a public meeting on the claims last week, Citilink said Kellams was convinced to allow the bus shelter to stay where it is for now as the two entities continue discussions. Citilink said moving the shelter to the front of the Kroger, inside the South Gate Plaza would be the best solution because that area is ADA compliant and not across a busy street. Citilink also said putting the shelter in a more public area like that would discourage loitering.

Kellams Enterprises declined a request for comment.

Tony Sandleben joined the WBOI News team in September of 2022.