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Women are Supporting Each Other as Entrepreneurs

Stephanie Gottesman & Andie Hines

This week, Andie Hines shares her insights and wisdom into entrepreneurship and the importance of women having supportive community around starting and running businesses.

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In our interview, she shares her journey into starting her business and launching Own Your Success, a community for women entrepreneurs. She offers valuable insights into a number of books that have helped her grow as a business owner (book list below), talks about the idea of work/life blending (as opposed to balance), and goes deep into the work we have to do here in Northeast Indiana to help women business owners to thrive. She also gives all of us a peek into the women’s workspace she’s creating, and the pre-accelerator program she’s working on to help get women access to venture capital.

Check out Own Your Success on Facebook, or drop her an email at You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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