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& Good Company

Sara Fiedelholtz

WBOI is partnering with Thinkbox Strategies to bring you & Good Company.

This new series is hosted by Fort Wayne's professional conversationalist, Sara Fiedelholtz. The program tackles a wide variety of topics, ranging from ministry, to development, to racism and racial justice. With the show building momentum and recording episodes each week, there's even more to come.

When you can gather for a meal, the whole experience goes beyond just the food. It's the company that really matters. That's where & Good Company begins.

Credit & Good Company
From her downtown vantage point at Access Fort Wayne, Fiedelholtz aims to prove that audio and video are perfect for capturing smart & important conversations as they occur.

WBOI's Ben Clemmer connected with Sara Fiedelholtz via Zoom to learn what the founder and host of & Good Company has planned for the show's debut. The two also discussed building a new project from the ground up during a pandemic. You can listen to a conversation between Sara Fiedelholtz and WBOI's Julia Meek here

You can find new episodes of & Good Company on RadioPublic, TuneIn, Spotify, and Libsyn.  

New content from WBOI Presents will continue to air on 89.1 WBOI and will always be made available on or wherever you get your podcasts.