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The I In Immigrant: Joey Kowailw


89.1 WBOI's podcast, The I In Immigrant, is hosted and created by Ahmed Abdelmageed.

The podcast features interviews with residents about their experiences living as an immigrant in the United States and balancing traditions and family dynamics. 

Divorce and a cancer diagnosis are two of the most life-altering events any person can go through. Now, imagine going through both within a short time frame, in a new country away from your family and friends, all while trying to navigate the American healthcare system. Those were the cards that were dealt to Joey Kowailw when he moved from Leicester, England all the way to Northeast Indiana 14 years ago.

To kick off the second season in The I In Immigrant Joey talks with Ahmed about finding his way in the United States, finding solace in logic, and where he can get a decent cup of coffee.

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