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Economic Shift Points Pence's Focus to Energy

Brandon Smith
Indiana Public Broadcasting

The Pence administration is developing a comprehensive energy plan that the governor says will take a balanced look at Indiana’s energy environment.

Governor Pence’s predecessor, Mitch Daniels, unveiled a strategic energy plan just eight years ago.  The goal was to meet the state’s energy needs by involving clean coal technologies, renewable energy sources and greater energy efficiency. 

Pence says the need for a new state energy plan arises from concerns about an economic shift.

“Low cost energy is a selling point for Indiana,” Pence said. “We’ve lost some ground on that in recent years and I thought it was extremely important that we bring together thought leaders and stakeholders from around the state and rethink our overall energy strategy.”

Those stakeholders include groups such as the Sierra Club.  Spokesperson Jodi Perras says a key to the energy plan will be producing meaningful practical programs such as what she calls a “solar schools” initiative.

“Schools are struggling for money – schools and universities and municipalities,” Perras said. “Why not establish policies and programs to help them put solar on their rooftops or on their properties?”

The preliminary draft of the new energy plan is due in June, with a final version in October.