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Holcomb Signs Anti-Abortion Bill, Setting Stage For Lawsuit

FILE PHOTO: Lauren Chapman
IPB News

Indiana is likely headed to court over abortion legislation again after Gov. Eric Holcomb signed the state’s latest anti-abortion measure into law.

Some physicians say this year’s bill, HB 1577, will force them to commit malpractice. It requires doctors to tell patients that medication-induced abortions can be reversed.

The scientific evidence for that claim is inconclusive; leading medical organizations call the assertion “unproven and unethical.” But anti-abortion proponents say pregnant patients should have all available information.

The bill also requires parents who give their consent for an abortion – required for anyone under age 18 – to get that consent form notarized. Proponents say it will help prevent fraud and could even help stop sex trafficking. But opponents argue it’s a pointless invasion of privacy.

Planned Parenthood has already promised legal action.

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