200 Year Project Preserves Wing Haven Legacy

Jul 2, 2021

The hope, Barth explains, is that this will inspire folks to take action and help keep these sites protected.
Credit Courtesy/ACRES

ACRES Land Trust launched a 200 year Ecological Reflections project in 2017 to honor and study its Wing Haven Nature Preserve in Steuben County.

Wing Haven has a rich diversity of plants, birds, mammals and aquatic species in three major ecosystems, and includes about two miles of trails.

Each year an artist is chosen to create a work inspired by the site.

Ken Jehle, performing his original composition at Wing Haven.
Credit Courtesy/ACRES

To date, this has included a poem by Kevin McKelvey, a painting by Gwen Gutwein, a Digital Map of the area by Adam Johnson, a mixed media piece by Hannah Burnworth, and most recently, an original composition for classical guitar by Ken Jehle.

The snapshot the organization hopes to create will focus on all forms of fine arts, the humanities and science, to create a better understanding of how a particular place changes through time.

WBOI's Julia Meek sat down with ACRES Advancement Director, Heather Barth, to gain insight on the project's scope and this year's commissioned work.

Learn more about Wing Haven and the Ecological Reflections Project at the ACRES Land Trust website.