89.1 WBOI's Drive to Unify

Aug 30, 2019

Here at 89.1 WBOI, we connect the dots between different perspectives and different communities. And through those connections, we build a community of our own - one that understands that we’re not so different from one another.

Through listening to each other’s stories, we learn how to be better neighbors, friends and allies. And when you support 89.1 WBOI, you become an active part of that community which keeps those connections growing stronger.

Join us on Wednesday, September 18th for 89.1 WBOI’s Drive to Unify where you can take a stand for media that builds empathy and brings people together. You can give early by donating here. And when you give early, you help us take time away from on-air fundraising. As a thank you, you'll automatically be entered to win an Amazon Echo Plus!

For this membership drive, we'll be taking things on the road. Join us on Thursday, September 19 at the Club Room at the Clyde for a special LIVE Meet the Music with the Todd Harrold Duo and the Alicia Pyle Quartet. We'll also be at the Fort Wayne Farmers Market on Saturday, September 21.

Don't forget to donate before our drive kickoff on September 18th to be automatically entered to win an Amazon Echo Plus! *No contribution is legally required for entry to any of WBOI's drawings. To enter without giving, email mconner@nipr.fm.

Stay tuned for goal updates, matches and other special giveaways! For questions about WBOI's Drive to Unify, email Molly Conner at mconner@nipr.fm.