Allen County To Begin COVID Vaccine Clinic at Memorial Coliseum

Jan 12, 2021

The Allen County Department of Health is opening their vaccine clinic at the Memorial Coliseum Wednesday. Vaccines are now available to people age 80 or older, licensed and unlicensed healthcare workers and eligible first responders.

As you enter the Coliseum at 400 Parnell Ave, a line of yellow tape directs you towards the vaccine clinic that has been set up by the Allen County Health Department.

There are 2 pre-screening tables, 12 intake stations and 12 vaccine stations. The Health Department has enough doses to vaccinate 800 people per week, but department administrator Mindy Waldron said they’re hoping to increase that number.

“We have the ability, we believe, to at some point vaccinate between 1200 and 1400 a day," Waldron said. "So we have quite a bit of capacity to move up, if the vaccine moves with us.”

Registration for the vaccine is done online or by calling the 2-1-1 hotline. Those eligible will need to bring their photo ID, proof of age or employment and their health insurance card. While the vaccine is free, the insurance will be billed for an administrative fee, but Waldron said eligible people won't be turned away due to a lack of insurance.

After receiving the vaccine, the clinic also has an area where people will be asked to wait 15 to 30 minutes to be observed for an allergic reaction. There’s also a medical area in case anyone needs treated after receiving the vaccine.

At the time of the first dose, the health department will also schedule the second dose for everyone coming into the clinic.

There are two vaccines being used right now, the Moderna vaccine and the Pfizer vaccine. The health department is administering the Moderna vaccine because it does not require below freezing temperatures to store it.