Buffalo Still Roam Steuben

Aug 28, 2018

Credit Stock Photo

  The buffalo are still out and about in rural Steuben county, making Tuesday their third day on the run.


According to officials and local news reports, the large animals escaped their enclosure at a farm in an area west of Hamilton Lake.


How many of the large animals remain at large is a matter for debate on social media, and all officials have said are that they are “numerous.”


A Facebook post by the Hamilton Police Department Sunday brought the matter to everyone’s attention.


And that original post hasn’t changed much, with officials still urging extreme caution in the area. The buffalo are not friendly, and shouldn’t be approached for fear of them becoming aggressive.


According to reports in the Angola Herald Republican Tuesday, some of the buffalo had been corralled as of Monday, but others were continuing to roam on and around the property. No complaints about the animals had been taken by local law enforcement, according to news reports.


But police still want to make sure that residents are alert on area roadways, especially in the evenings. The dark-coated animals can be difficult to see at night.


If you’re able to spot a buffalo, please let the Hamilton Police Department know at (260) 488-3721.