City Budget Shows Little Change

Sep 20, 2018

Credit Rebecca Green / WBOI/NIPR

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry released his budget proposal for Fort Wayne’s 2019 fiscal year Thursday morning.


On its surface, there aren’t many differences between the latest proposal and those of recent years.


Controller Gary Morr confirms the city’s goals differ little from last year: fully enable police and fire protection, adequately fund parks projects, provide $31.1 million for streets and road projects, and provide excellent services to the citizens for the least possible cost.


Notably absent among the mayor’s budget highlights was his June proposal of paid family leave for non-union city employees. With proposed revenue sourced from the city budget, approval from City Council is required.


Council put the measure on hold indefinitely in July, seeking more input in the decision.


The budget totals $173 million, and must be approved by City Council. Generally, budget items are discussed among Council throughout October, as the budget must be in place no later than Nov. 1.