City's Iconic Zesto Tells Story Of Sweet Success

Jul 19, 2017

Chris Conner and his wife Kirsten, owners of Zesto on Broadway, are proud to carry on the family's ice cream traditions, developed by Kirsten's father, Sebastian Diettrich.
Credit Courtesy/Zesto Ice Cream

Zesto on Broadway has been a Fort Wayne icon for over 50 years, the last 47 of them, spent under the careful stewardship of the Sebastian Diettrich family.

Today, their local "ice cream empire" numbers four locations, each run by one of the Diettrich children.

For an inside look at the family's sweet success, WBOI's Julia Meek spoke with Chris Conner, owner of the Broadway store, with his wife Kirsten, to learn how the winning business recipe developed by Conner's father-in-law has established community-wide support over the years, and secured the staying power of that historic location.

To connect with all of its Fort Wayne locations, visit the Zesto Ice Cream website.

And if you're hungry for more sweet, summertime treats, next week, Julia will be taking a look at Yummi Bunni, a new downtown business that's making history with its novel ice cream confections.