Drawing the Laughs: An Interview with Fort Wayne Cartoonist Steve Smeltzer

Feb 18, 2015

Fort Wayne cartoonist Steve Smeltzer says he actually thinks in cartoons, and naturally relates to life in a fun way.
Credit Courtesy / Steve Smeltzer

Cartooning is a tricky medium, and with fewer and fewer print outlets running daily strips, it’s a competitive one as well.

But for those with talent, drive, and a good sense of humor, cartooning can provide an outlet for comedy unlike any other.

One Fort Wayne cartoonist, Steve Smeltzer, has been in the funny pages for twenty years, with his work appearing in the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Saturday Evening Post, Fort Wayne Monthly and other publications.

WBOI's Julia Meek wanted to draw some insight into the world of cartooning, so she asked Smeltzer to visit the Madge Rothschild Studios for a chat.

You can find out more about Steve's cartooning at his website.