Family & Friends Fund Sets Up Southeast Businesses For Generation Prosperity

Jul 17, 2020

As an attorney and Impact investing professional, Giant believes in distributing power and resources to the community being served.
Credit Courtesy/Family & Friends Fund

Community activists Kristin Giant and Ty Simmons have joined forces to champion business owners and entrepreneurs on the city's south side.

The project, called Family & Friends Fund for the World, is set to launch this August.

Its aim is to work within existing systems to redistribute power and wealth to unlock generational prosperity for Black communities, indigenous communities and any community of color.

Simmons also focused his energy on the issue of "food injustice" as Director of the Human Agricultrual Cooperative.
Credit Courtesy/Family & Friends Fund

The spirit and solidarity of the movement is evident not only in its scope and targeted population, but in its fundraising efforts as well.

Directly living up to its name, "family and friends," the organization's start-up campaign has been fueled by bake sales, lemonade stands and word of mouth donations solicited by individuals throughout the city.

For a look at how things are coming together, WBOI's Julia Meek invited Giant and Simmons into the studio to discuss the mission, its grass roots foundation and and the impact it will have on the entire community.

You can learn more about the Family & Friends Fund for the World project at the Hyper Local Impact Facebook page.