Fort Wayne City Council Adds Two Democrats, Republicans Maintain Majority

Nov 6, 2019

Credit Zach Bernard/WBOI News

Fort Wayne’s City Council will see an increased Democratic presence over the next four years.

While all three at-large seats were occupied by Republicans the last four years, two of them will be held by Democrats beginning in 2020: Glynn Hines and Michelle Chambers.

Republican Tom Freistroffer was re-elected to his at-large seat for the third spot. John Crawford sacrificed his seat to run in the Republican mayoral primary, while Michael Barranda could not garner enough support for re-election.

Around the city's other districts, Democrat Sharon Tucker will take over the 6th District from Hines, and Democrat Geoff Paddock trounced newcomer Republican Taylor Vanover in the 5th District with 74% of the vote.

Republicans Paul Ensley (D1), Russ Jehl (D2), Tom Didier (D3) and Jason Arp (D4) maintained their Council seats. The Council still favors Republicans in a 5-4 majority.