Iconic Animator Keeps Classic Characters In Spotlight

Jul 12, 2019

Australian-born animator Ron Campbell has been involved with dozens of legendary cartoons during his fifty year career, from Krazy Cat and The Beatles to Rugrats, Scooby Doo and Ed, Edd & Eddy.

He currently resides in Phoenix, and now that he's officially retired from the animation business, he creates pop art paintings of these beloved characters, which he'll be presenting in a pop-up show at the Rhapsody Art Gallery this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Last week WBOI's Julia Meek talked with Ron by phone about his animated adventures, from the earliest days of television to the present, and how they continue to fuel his passion.

Event Information:

Pop-up Shows @Rhapsody Art Gallery, Fort Wayne
Tuesday and Wednesday, July 16th & 17th
4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Find more information about the shows at the Gallery Facebook page.