Indiana Has Best Midterm Voter Turnout In Two Decades

Dec 5, 2018

Indiana’s turnout for this year’s general election was the best in a midterm in more than two decades.

A little more than half of Hoosier registered voters cast a ballot. That’s a 70 percent increase from the last midterm, 2014 – though most expected a significant increase. The 2014 election did not have a U.S. Senate race on the ticket, as this year’s did.

And Indiana hasn’t had more than 50 percent voter turnout in any midterm since 1994.

The state’s early voting turnout continues to rise. This year, 32 percent of Hoosiers voted early; that’s double the last midterm. And it almost equaled the 2016 presidential election early turnout.

Henry County had the best turnout in the state, 64 percent. Madison and Vigo Counties were at the bottom; 44 percent of voters there cast a ballot.