IU Law Professor Resigns Following Title IX Investigation

May 13, 2019

Credit Courtesy IU Communications

An Indiana University law professor resigned Friday as the result of a Title IX complaint.

IU opened the investigation into Associate Professor Ian Samuel in November.

Title IX is a federal law protecting students from sex discrimination, including sexual violence and harassment.

IU Spokesperson Chuck Carney says the university received multiple reports of Samuel engaging in a possible Title IX violation at an after-hours law school event. He says IU placed Samuel on paid leave Nov. 19 and told him to stay off campus. 

In a letter addressed to the university’s provost that Samuel posted on Twitter, he says the allegations in the case involved him “drinking to excess in a public place I shouldn’t have been, in company that I shouldn’t have kept, and treating the people present in ways they didn’t deserve.”

Samuel writes that the university’s investigation into the complaints provided justice and also likely saved his life.

Carney says Samuel resigned effective Friday, and that the Title IX investigation is over. He did not elaborate on the outcome.