Local Songwriter Bridges Gap of Understanding And Acceptance Through Music

Jun 8, 2018

Fort Wayne native, Doug Strahm, is a gay singer songwriter who shares his own message of self-acceptance through his music to help others learn that they are not alone on their journey.

Doug's passion for playing and writing music began at an early age and has always been a part of his life and a reliable source of relaxation, as he calls it.

His output includes music videos as well as cd's, all focusing on issues that he feels need to be addressed.

Doug at a recording session, thrilled to be performing on the Mrs. Mills piano at Abbey Road.
Credit Erick Anderson

His newest album, called "Souvenirs," is a reflection on his life, along with the musical styles that have shaped it.

To learn more about the dedicated path he has chosen to take and where it has led, WBOI's Julia Meek invited Strahm into the studio to discuss his musical message and philosophy, and the impact he has made with them.

You can connect with Doug and his music, and learn about the upcoming cd release party at his website.