Local Trivia Enthusiast Finds Himself In Jeopardy

May 24, 2019

Meeting the iconic Alex Trebek was a big part of Erxleben's full Jeopardy experience.
Credit Courtesy/Wayne Erxleben

Wayne Erxleben, an engineer for Harris Space, by day, divides much of his free time between performing on the local music scene and competing at 07 Pub's Trivia Nights, where he's known to his fellow players as Doctor X.

About a month ago, he got a chance to flex those trivia muscles with an appearance on Jeopardy, one of the most popular game shows in the world.

Although Erxleben wasn't able to unseat the record-breaking James Holzhauer, he maintained a solid second place and answered thirteen questions, including Final Jeopardy, correctly.

For a look behind the scenes at this once in a lifetime experience, WBOI's Julia Meek invited him into the studio to talk about the fine points of the game, his training  regimen and the lasting impression it all has made on him.