May Question of the Month: What Does It Mean to Be a Good Neighbor?

Jun 5, 2019

During the month of May, WBOI wanted listeners to weigh in on the question: what does it mean to be a good neighbor?  We heard from a number of you, and there were some recurring themes – like being helpful, keeping the noise down, and stopping by with the occasional baked good. WBOI intern Laney Zuver put together some of your responses: 


“Well my name is Sam Hartman. Well I think Mr. Rogers himself says it… does it best, I mean have you ever seen that documentary with him on Netflix? Um, it's just about having care for your community and care for those around you and being open to, you know, support those that are close to you. I mean, we live in a townhouse so, you know, there’s shared walls and community and everything like that so you gotta always be considerate of your neighbor, is one thing. Whether it’s noise, whether it’s picking up after your dogs when you walk ‘em through the yard and things like that so... that’s one way.”

Wyatt Brugge says neighbors should be “respectful. Supportive” and should bring “donuts or cookies so I don’t call the cops when they throw parties.”

“I’m Sparkle Thomas, I’m here from Fort Wayne. Being a good neighbor means looking out for each other, you know, if you see any suspicious activity you know, keeping each other informed about those things, but also minding your own business at the same time, which can be a fine line. I think just genuinely just being a good person of good character makes you a good person period whether it be a neighbor or a teammate, a coworker, a classmate, whatever. Good character takes you a long way.”

Listener Christine Roberts would advise good neighbors to “wave and say hi! But don’t be nosey.”

“I’m Sharon Hudson. I think it means caring about your neighbor, empathy. If you find that they need help in any way I think that would be caring for a neighbor, to help them out any way you can.”

Sally Edington believes that “being a good neighbor is determined by the things you don’t do and the things you do. What you don't do are things that disrupt your neighbors quality of life or lower their property value. Things like loud, late parties, fireworks, not mowing for weeks or accumulating piles of junk. What you do is get to know your neighbors, help them out when they need it, and work together to create a spirit of community. That’s the best kind of neighbor.”

“I’m Jessica and I would say my biggest thing is being friendly to your neighbors. You know just waving every time you see them, always saying hello, that to me is definitely what does it.”

Laurie Wise says “being interested but not interested but not intrusive, helpful but not demanding. It also helps if you’re a great baker!”


Sam Royer says being a good neighbor means “being friendly, interested, and respectful. Good neighbors should care about the other’s well being to some extent.”


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