NACS School Board Members Cause Controversy Amid Continued Mask Debate

Apr 26, 2021

Debates over the continuation of a mask mandate at Northwest Allen County Schools have continued over the past few weeks, leading to a divide within the school board.


On Wednesday, the board brought in five health professionals to discuss the reasons why students should continue wearing masks through the last few weeks of school, according to WANE-15.


Board President Kent Somers said he was not “in full agreement” with the statements from health professionals.


Another controversy came when board member Steve Bartkus likened the choice of wearing masks to “the choice to be gay or straight.” The statement has caused pushback from some parents.


The tension between the board and parents began last month, when a group of parents began protesting the continued mask mandate within schools. Some parents began a facebook page, Unmask NACS Students Now.


In response to Bartkus’ comments and the continued discussion of masks, another group of parents have begun a second facebook group in support of the administration. The private group is called “We support NACS staff & students. NACS for Facts.”


The next board meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 26.