New Art Collective In Town Making A Ruckus

May 3, 2017

One of Fort Wayne's newest art collectives is devoted to providing space, resources and collaborative opportunities to artist of all media. It's called "Italian Friend ArtRuckus," and it just finished its first year in operation.

Fledgling projects include short film production, a contemporary music concert series, and a small, on site gallery for emerging artists. Most recently, the collective has completed a dramatic web series, Lizzie Shea, the story of a young artist, returning to her hometown.

The series was filmed in, and is about Fort Wayne, with a cast of actors, artists and musicians from the area. All eight Season 1 episodes are available free for viewing on Vimeo.

For a look at where the group is headed next, WBOI's Julia Meek met with founder, Jack Cantey, to discuss what the ruckus is all about.

To learn more about Italian Friend ArtRuckus and its latest projects, visit its Facebook page.