New South Side Pub Connects With City's Social Scene

Jul 7, 2017

Clancy Shank enjoys his bartending duties, and is always eager to meet a new friend.
Credit Courtesy/07 Pub

As the city's south side continues to build on its neighborhood pride, two Fort Wayne natives, Clancy Shank and Marcus Spillson, opened a new small business just over a month ago called 07 Pub--and you might say, the name says it all.

Having grown up in that area, they are very familiar with its flavor, and are gratified to see that neighbors are proud of this latest addition to the local social scene, and eager to support it. 

Marcus Spillson was responsible for the interior design of the pub, which mashes modern with tradition and comfort
Credit Courtesy/07 Pub

First month business, according to Shank, has been unbelievable, since the minute the front doors were opened. The secret, he adds, is "Good food, friendly service, and then making them happy...that's the key."

Earlier this week, WBOI's Julia Meek was able to get Clancy out from behind the bar, and into the studio, to discuss what motivated their D.I.Y. refurbishment of a nearly 100 year old tavern building on Broadway, and what kind of neighborhood connections they're serving up.

07 Pub is located at 3516 Broadway. To learn more, visit its Facebook page.