Pence proposes income tax cut to mayors during statehouse visit

Mar 19, 2013

Governor Mike Pence pitched his income tax cut proposal to mayors and local government leaders who visited the Statehouse Tuesday to promote their own priorities to the legislature. 

Governor Mike Pence’s proposed across-the-board 10 percent income tax cut hasn’t been backed by many in the General Assembly, even his fellow Republicans.  And its reception among the dozens of mayors and town leaders at the Statehouse Tuesday might also be described as lukewarm.  But Pence said his proposal will help more people than other tax cuts lawmakers are considering.

“By lowering the personal income tax rate, you benefit 83 percent of businesses in this state by putting more in their bottom line and you provide 4.4 million middle-class Hoosiers with much needed tax relief during a tough economy,” said Pence.

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke said his city’s focus is on other issues more critical to the local community, but he said he has not taken a firm position on Pence’s proposal.

“I certainly understand the governor’s thought and do buy into the principle that more money into the pocketbooks of Hoosiers will help the economy and will certainly help create jobs.  Whether now is the right time to do it or not, I would leave to the men and women of the legislature,” said Winnecke.

Pence said greater collaboration between state and local governments on economic development and education are also priorities of his administration.