Promoting Fort Wayne's Arts & Music Scene, Pyle Style

Apr 25, 2018

Alicia Pyle on the street beat, making those musical connections.
Credit Courtesy/PyleStyle Events

Alicia Pyle has made a name for herself in Fort Wayne's entertainment market over the last fifteen years, with her unique style of piano music, and encourages her students, as well as fellow musicians, to do the same.

Now, she and her partner, Dennis Junk, have joined creative forces to promote the city's live music, arts and entertainment scene, with a new enterprise they call Pyle Style Events.

Besides pages devoted to Booking and Events, their website also features Alicia's informative blog, From the Bandstand, and an ongoing series of podcasts called Keepin' It Local, which showcase, firsthand, the stories of musicians, venues, and event planners right here in Fort Wayne.

WBOI's Julia Meek invited the couple into the studio to learn what passion drives their commitment to make these musical connections, and how the  goal of "keeping it local" suits their "Pyle Style."

You can connect with Alicia and Dennis at the PyleStyle Events website.